7 methods to avoid the devastation of electrical fires

The survey taken by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) shows that on average, 47,820 homes caught electrical fires in 2007-2011. This is such a big figure and is strange as well. Half of the related accidents of electrical fires, near about 48%, were due to the short-circuiting caused by the electrical equipment, like poor wiring, low quality of switches, light bulbs, lamps, plugs, outlets and cords.

No doubt, electrical fires are hazardous, its devastation can be avoided.

– Says Jeremy Smith from ElecSmith – Electrician Melbourne
Here are some tips to keep your home and business safe in electrical fire hazard situation.


  1. Inspect your electrical wiring:

Do a regular inspection of your wiring because it doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee. If your home is 10+ years old, then have a complete and satisfactory checking of your electrical wiring.


  1. Check each and every plug in sockets:

The most common thing that gets heat up and catches fire is the old or poor quality plug of your electrical appliance. So, take a regular checkup of each and every plug of your home to prevent any type of hazard.


  1. Replace old wiring:

Now, if you have inspected your wiring and you found it old, consider repairing it or replacing it, depending upon the condition of your wiring. Moreover, if you find your switches and power cords tattered or frayed, either replace or repair them as soon as possible because one must not compromise on this serious issue as it may catch fire at any time.


  1. Avoid overloading your electrical outlets:

Ordinary outlets for home usage doesn’t provide enough capacity of current to pass through. So, the overloading of these outlets may cause a seriously unsafe situation. It may spark and may result in short-circuiting. Therefore, try to avoid overloading on a single outlet, try to use multiple ports to distribute the load of your home.


  1. Try to use surge protectors:

Surge protectors are very efficient and useful as they protect all of your electrical appliances attached to them. Surge protector protects your outlets and they prevent your outlets from getting hot and also preventing any chance of sparking which may further cause any fire hazard.


  1. Avoid placing flammables near outlets:

As mentioned before, plugs and outlets get heat up. This heat is enough to catch fire when the flammables like a blanket, any cloth or rug come in contact with any electrical equipment.


  1. Conscious about tripping:

If your circuit-breaker, attached to any appliance, breaks the circuit or get tripped, or in the case of a fuse, it blows the fuse, then you must have a satisfactory inspection of that appliance and decide whether to repair or replace it.

These 7 tips are the simplest and useful tips that you can follow to avoid any type of electric fire hazard.

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