Transform Your Home with Color: A Guide to Trending Interior Paint Colors and Their Impact on Style and Value

When creating a beautiful and comfortable home, few things are more important than choosing the right paint. Paint can transform a space, making it feel larger, brighter, cozier, or more sophisticated, depending on your chosen colour palette. But beyond aesthetics, paint can also significantly impact a home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. 

This post will explore popular interior paint colours, their impact on a home’s style and feel, and their return on investment. We talked to Pro Painters in Perth to provide the best tips for selecting the perfect colours for your home.

Popular Interior Color Palettes

When selecting paint colours for your home, one of the first things to consider is the colour palette you want to use. Some popular colour palettes include:

  1. Earth tones: This palette includes beige, taupe, and warm browns. Earth tones are perfect for creating a warm and welcoming feel in a space. They can also make a room more spacious, as they tend to recede visually.
  2. Pastels: Pastel colours like light blue, pale pink, and soft yellow are great for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a space. They’re also ideal for smaller rooms, reflecting light and making a space feel larger.
  3. Jewel tones: This palette includes rich emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Jewel tones add drama and sophistication to a space and can create a luxurious feel. They’re particularly effective in larger rooms with high ceilings.
  4. Neutrals: Neutral colours like grey, white, and black are always popular for their versatility and timeless appeal. They’re perfect for creating a clean and classic look in a space and can work with any decor style.

Impact on Home’s Look and Feel

Once you’ve selected a colour palette, it’s important to consider the impact that colour can have on the look and feel of a space. Different colours can create different moods and perceptions, so choosing the right colours for each room is important. Here are some ways that specific colours can impact a room’s look and feel:

  1. Light colours: Light colours like white and pale pastels can make a room feel larger and more spacious. They also reflect natural light and make a room feel brighter.
  2. Dark colours: Dark colours like navy blue and charcoal grey can create a cozy and intimate feel in a room. They’re ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Bold colours: Bold colours like red, yellow, and green can add energy and excitement to a space. They’re perfect for accent walls or for creating a focal point in a room.
  4. Monochromatic colours: Using a single colour throughout a room can create a cohesive and calming feel. This is particularly effective with neutrals, where you can play with different shades and textures to create depth and interest.

Return on Investment

Painting your home’s interior can also have a significant return on investment. In fact, according to a survey by HomeLight, painting the interior of your home can yield a 107% ROI. This means you can recoup more than you spent on the paint job when selling your home. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can make a home feel newer and more well-maintained, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Techniques for Choosing the Perfect Colors

So how do you choose the perfect colours for your home? Here are some tips:

Consider natural light: When choosing colours, it’s important to consider how they’ll look in different lighting conditions. Colours can appear differently depending on the amount and type of natural light in a room, so it’s a good idea to test colours by painting a small section of the wall and observing how it looks throughout the day.

Consider the room’s purpose: Consider how each room will be used when selecting colours. For example, a bedroom should have calming and relaxing colours, while a home office may benefit from energizing and stimulating colours.

Consider your decor: Your home’s existing decor can also play a role in selecting colours. Consider the colours of your furniture, rugs, and artwork when choosing the paint to ensure they complement each other.

Consider the size and shape of the room: The size and shape of a room can also impact colour selection. For example, painting a small room a dark colour may make it feel even smaller, while painting a long and narrow room, a light colour can make it feel more spacious.

Choosing the right interior paint colours for your home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only can paint transform a space, but it can also add value and appeal to your home. By considering popular colour palettes, the impact of colour on a room’s look and feel, and techniques for selecting the perfect colours, you can create a beautiful and comfortable home that you’ll love for years to come.

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