Protect your home against wireless and EMF radiation

Most modern homes today have a variety of appliances and devices which emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation: computers, wireless, big screen TVs, microwaves and even the baby monitor! These have been scientifically linked to all sorts of nasty health issues such as brain tumours, chronic fatigue, miscarriages, headaches, cataracts, leukemia, cancer. However, short of living in a cave in the mountains, what can we do about it?

Crystals are the Earth’s living healing stones and have been used for hundreds if not thousands (by the ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria) of years for their therapeutic properties. There are some crystals which, when placed around the home, can help absorb and mitigate against the harmful EMF in your home. Some of the more effective ones are amazonite, black obsidian, pyrite and shungite.

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